Denver Broncos: Russell Wilson as “the missing piece of the puzzle”

The Denver Broncos have made one of the most spectacular transactions of this offseason with the trade of quarterback Russell Wilson. For general manager John Elway, Wilson is exactly what his team has been missing on the road to the big time.

Munich/Denver – It was one of the first spectacular trades of this even more spectacular offseason in the NFL. Russell Wilson moved from the Seattle Seahawks to the Denver Broncos.

He succeeds the hapless Drew Lock, who was sent to Seattle in return. Wilson’s personnel alone is generating hype not only in the fanbase, but also in the executive suite.

Broncos vice president Elway: Wilson is “the final piece of the puzzle “

In an interview with the Associated Press, Broncos vice president John Elway was almost euphoric about the trade. “We’re very excited to have him here, there’s no question about it,” Elway said.

“He’s exactly what we’ve been missing. The missing piece of the puzzle, so to speak,” continued Elway, who himself won two Super Bowls as a quarterback.

However, the 61-year-old does not see his new quarterback as an absolute guarantee for success. “Like every year, we have to stay healthy first. We’ve only been able to do that alone with moderate success the last few years,” the official said.

“But, if we can do that,” he explained, “then there is nothing standing in our way. Russell has been to the Super Bowl twice and what he gives us in experience alone is really great. “

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