Buffalo Bills – After punching coach: Offensive lineman Bobby Hart suspended for one game.

The NFL has suspended offensive lineman Bobby Hart for unsportsmanlike conduct. The man from the Buffalo Bills had hit a coach of the visitors after the win against the Tennessee Titans. A curious fact: he only hit the coach unintentionally.

Munich/Buffalo – The Buffalo Bills will have to do without offensive lineman Bobby Hart on the upcoming game day against the Miami Dolphins.

The NFL suspended the 28-year-old for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Punch against Titans coach

As both teams were heading to the locker room after a 41-7 win over the Tennessee Titans, Hart apparently wanted to start a brawl.

According to a statement from the NFL, the O-lineman tried to hit another player but hit a member of the Titans coaching staff. In doing so, he violated rule twelve, paragraph three, article one of the rulebook, which makes such conduct punishable by at least a one-game suspension.

“This aggressive behaviour could have resulted in nasty injuries. This is far from how a professional should behave,” the league’s statement reads.

Hart could appeal the suspension, but it is assumed he and the Bills will accept it.

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