Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson wants to change game: pass more instead of run

Lamar Jackson is one of the NFL’s strongest running quarterbacks. For the upcoming season, the Baltimore Ravens playmaker has set his sights on changing his game a bit

A new chapter is beginning for Lamar Jackson with the Baltimore Ravens. Not only has the quarterback signed a new contract that makes him the highest-paid pro. With Odell Beckham Jr. he has also been given a star receiver to work alongside. In addition, the franchise is building on a new offensive coordinator in Todd Monken.

While the Ravens have been known and feared primarily for their potent running game on offense, the team is now looking to expand its offensive repertoire.

The playmaker has concrete plans for the rest of the offseason – and for the new season. For example, he wants one thing above all else between now and the start of the season in September: to “get a handle on the team’s new offence”, as he explained at a press conference.

Lamar Jackson: Run less and throw more

Jackson was asked by reporters if he thought the new offense will emphasize different aspects of his quarterback play than it has in the past. His answer was clear: “Less running and more throwing.”

He continued, “Absolutely. Especially with the receivers we have. We just have to be able to throw the ball down the field. Running can only get you so far. “

In addition, the 26-year-old said he “feels like that’s what we need in this new era of teams and offenses in the league, and what I’ve seen so far from Coach Todd Monken in this offense is just great. “

Lamar Jackson wants to double passing yards

There have been recent indications that the quarterback wants to focus more on the passing game in the future. He declared in mid-May that he wanted to throw for 6,000 yards in the upcoming NFL season: “With the new guys we have, why not? It’s not about individual records for me, I just want to do what no one has ever done before. I can’t wait.”

In his five seasons so far, Jackson has maxed out at 3,127 passing yards (2019 season). To that end, he’s already rushed for more than 1,000 yards twice (2019 and 2020 seasons).

The goal of the Ravens is clear: to make the offence more variable and less predictable by improving the passing game. The numbers will tell if it succeeds.

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