Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson no longer wants to talk about new contract: “Don’t feel like it anymore”.

The Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson couldn’t agree on a new contract, so there will be no more contract talks for now. After being asked about it again at a media roundtable, the quarterback became clear.

Munich/Baltimore – It seems like there is only one athletic issue left in the entire state of Maryland: The contract, or non-contract, of quarterback Lamar Jackson.

The playmaker had actually set a deadline for his Baltimore Ravens until the start of the season, by which time there was no new contract. After that, it was said that he doesn’t want to talk about a new working paper for the time being.

Jackson annoyed by contract enquiries: “Don’t feel like it anymore “

He made that clear again at a media roundtable on Wednesday. Addressing the pending contract talks, Jackson said, “I want to say very respectfully that I don’t feel like talking about it anymore,” the Ravens’ number eight said, annoyed. “I told you guys I’m not going to talk about it anymore from week one and that’s over.”

Instead, Jackson wants to move forward. “I’m just focused on the Miami Dolphins right now,” he continued to deflect. He even smiled away another query. “It’s Dolphins time, dude. “

When and if the Ravens can even come to terms with their quarterback is still up in the air. By the way, the “Dolphins time” mentioned by Jackson is on Sunday at 7 p.m.

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