Aaron Rodgers: Switch to the New York Jets? Packers boss speaks

The change of allegiance between the Green Bay Packers, New York Jets and Aaron Rodgers continues. At a trade show at Lambeau Field, Packers CEO Mark Murphy wouldn’t give any updates

While Aaron Rodgers has officially announced he wants to play for the New York Jets, that doesn’t mean the trade is set in stone yet.

The Green Bay Packers are still negotiating with the Jets over compensation for Rodgers. The Packers apparently want at least a first round pick, but the New Yorkers don’t want to pay that.

When the trade will become official is still completely open. Now Packers CEO Mark Murphy spoke at the “Wisconsin Tech Summit” held at Lambeau Field – but had no new news for the NFL world.

Murphy jokes: “Don’t have any other topics anyway “

When asked about Rodgers and the situation, Murphy was quick to joke. “Yeah you know, we don’t have any other issues anyway,” he commented when asked first.

“I’d really love to tell you all you want to know about Aaron and the Jets. But my lips are sealed,” he shared with a laugh.

It makes it seem like he himself doesn’t know how the draft will end up.

The only fact is: the Jets want Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers wants to go to the Jets and the Green Bay Packers don’t want Aaron Rodgers anymore. The intentions have now been confirmed by all sides.

9 months ago
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