Aaron Rodgers: New York Jets let themselves be screwed over – a commentary

The New York Jets want Aaron Rodgers so badly that they are apparently willing to fulfil every wish of the quarterback. The franchise is not doing itself any favours by doing so, as the team’s soul and future are at stake. One comment.

No player is bigger than the club.

You know this phrase from every sport. Football, ice hockey and even American football. One team, however, seems to have never heard of it: The New York Jets. Instead, they are currently being led around by the nose by a man who has not even signed a contract yet.

The Jets want to sign quarterback Aaron Rodgers. At any price. No matter what it takes. They apparently want him so badly that they’ll sell their souls and put their own futures on the line to get him.

Rodgers’ ominous wish list

Because currently it appears they will do anything for “A-Rod”. After all, the latter has reportedly presented the Jets with a wish list that he wants fulfilled in order to join the franchise.

The franchise from the Big Apple has already fulfilled one wish on that list: Ex-Packers receiver and Rodgers buddy Allen Lazard is coming to New York. Wish number one? Check. But that’s not the end of it by a long shot.

Other names like Marcedes Lewis and Randall Cobb (both Rodgers acquaintances from Green Bay) are also on the list. And Rodgers’ very special request: free agent and star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr should also come.

Rodgers has Jets in hand

The deal with Lazard alone shows: The Jets are willing to go along with the wishes of the supposed franchise messiah.

But: are they serious? Individual players deciding on transactions and a team’s squad plans? An absolute no-go. After all, that’s what the GM is for.

Just think what would happen if the Jets got Lewis, Cobb and OBJ and Rodgers decided to stay in Green Bay – he currently has the Jets in the palm of his hand.

Jets and playing with their own future

They’re letting a man who’s now 39 years old and has had an extremely modest season with the Packers get in their way.

And that’s not to be misunderstood. Rodgers remains one of the best to ever throw that beautiful egg through the air.

But should success fail to materialise for the Jets, if Rodgers and his desired players find their way to New York, they will only be hurting themselves in the long run.

We’re here at: Make a Wish

Because the trade for Rodgers and a possible signing of OBJ alone should kill a lot of money and a draft pick or two. These capacities are then missing to build the team younger in the future and to be able to pick up top prospects in the draft.

If this happens, the Jets’ general manager Joe Douglas, head coach Robert Saleh and owners Woody and Christopher Johnson will have to explain to the fans why they have invested so much capital in such a risky way.

Because then the Jets have gambled away their future by selling their soul for a single player and his wishes.

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